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Christian Life books

Christian life books are a genre of literature that provides guidance, inspiration, and practical advice on living a Christian life in accordance with biblical principles. These books cover a wide range of topics related to faith, spirituality, personal growth, relationships, and more. Whether you’re a new Christian seeking to understand the basics of your faith or a seasoned believer looking to deepen your spiritual walk, there are Christian life books tailored to various needs and interests. Here are some categories and examples of Christian life books from Kingdom Publishers:

From Darkness to Light: Nigel’s Story

From Darkness to Light is the Nigel’s Story written by Andy Bates. So started the cycle of re-offending which was to last for over a decade. During this period Nigel served time in 18 different prisons and escaped from three of them. Nigel developed a violent personality and began to suffer with severe mental health issues including self harm and breakdowns. Seeing no way out of this bleak existence he attempted to take his own life. Whilst in prison and in the blackest pit of hopelessness and despair he began to hear about a God who loved him so much he sent his only son to die for him. Nigel had always believed there to be no forgiveness for someone like him that had committed such heinous acts.

God Can

God can..’ inspires and encourages readers to confidently believe in the power of prayer and be expectant than God can and is easily able to do superabundantly more than we dare imagine! God is very much interested in our ‘day to day’ lives and so very much more. This book inspires readers that miracles, signs and wonders can and do happen every day.

Jesus – Dead or Alive? The Evidence

Jesus Dead or Alive? The Evidence investigates the resurrection appearances of Jesus, with a view to establishing their authenticity as experienced by the first-hand witnesses. Special attention is given to the nature of the resurrection body of Jesus before and after the ascension.

Light in the Darkness

Light in the Darkness is a collection of 100 blog entries that follows the events of the first national Covid enforced lockdown in the Spring of 2020. Starting as a pastime narrative of weekly musings, the author is called into a deeper reflection on his own faith and considers how the wider Christian community can respond to the growing fear and uncertainty brought about by the Global pandemic.

My Journey Through Creationism

These are just a few examples of Christian life books, and there are countless more available to suit various interests and spiritual needs. When selecting Christian life books, consider your personal interests, spiritual goals, and the areas of your life where you seek growth and guidance. Reading these books can be a valuable part of your spiritual journey and help you apply biblical principles to everyday life.