7 Aspects That Make Christian Fiction Books Ideal for Reading

Any reader’s library may benefit from Christian literature. Our selection of Christian books on romance and relationships, suspense, history, current events, religion, and forgiveness. Read inspirational stories to help you on your religious journey.

Christian Fiction Books Ideal for Reading

Susan May Warren’s “Sunburst” (Sky King Ranch series)

When former Navy Seal and longtime bachelor Ranger Kingston is called upon to rescue his abducted brother Colt in Nigeria, he is horrified to discover a lady he knows and could never forget among the prisoners. Noemi Sutton and a small girl were held prisoner while returning her to her home in Boko Haran territory. Ranger Kingston can free the prisoners, but he’ll need Noemi’s aid to escape Nigeria alive. Solution? Pretend you’re married.

Mary Alford’s Among the Innocent

The suspect in the murders of Leah Miller’s Amish family ten years ago has committed suicide. Leah has since joined the force. When a second Amish woman is murdered using the same method, it’s clear that the wrong man was initially blamed for the deaths of her family. Through their shared pursuit of the killer, Leah and Dalton Cooper become closer. Christian books on the end times, when their past secrets are revealed, they find an unexpected link between them. We have just just begun.

James Hannibal’s Elysium Tide

Dr. Peter Chesterfield is a renowned neurosurgeon at ROH. His supervisor told him to take a week off to attend a medical conference at the Elysium Grand in Maui. Peter rescues a lady with a broken head. He revives her in the ambulance, but she dies in his arms, leaving him with just the phrase “honu” Peter, preoccupied with understanding the reason of his patient’s death, investigates a luxury car theft. He irritates case detective Lisa Kealoha.

Nancy Mehl’s Free Fall (The Quantico Files series)

Long-haired ladies are being kidnapped in Virginia. Alex Donovan, an FBI behavioural analyst, has been tasked with developing a profile. Logan Hart, her friend and colleague, has been acting strangely and refuses to explain why. Alex decides to meet her kidnapper at an abandoned amusement park when he demands. However, it is a trap, and the building she is in explodes. Alex, who is imprisoned with other women, attempts to trick her captor by reading Christian books on spiritual warfare.

Wanda E. Brunstetter’s Amish Greenhouse Mysteries

Three women are left to care for their families after a horrible catastrophe. Their sole source of income is a greenhouse in Strasburg, Pennsylvania, but someone appears to be attempting to push them out of business. These three books revive hope? Amy King quits her work and halts her romance with Jared when her father, brother, and brother-in-law are murdered in a car accident in The Crow’s Call. A young Amish lady has already made many sacrifices. Can things grow worse?

Missing Pieces by Cynthia Hickey, Linda Baten Johnson, and Teresa Ives Lilly

Tabitha’s first event at her new bed and breakfast is a jigsaw puzzle mystery weekend, and the cook is found dead. During Cee Cee’s 1950s jigsaw puzzle party, an Elvis impersonator is killed. Christian life application books, Mariah wants to sell her cherished puzzle at a swap, but a seller is killed by a stabbing seller. Jane enters a jigsaw puzzle tournament in which one of the competitors is poisoned.

Lynn Austin’s Long Way Home

Peggy Serrano couldn’t wait for her battle buddy to return. Jimmy Barnett returns from Europe an altered man; he can hardly function. His parents check him into the VA hospital after he attempts suicide. Peggy helps the Barnetts figure out what caused their son’s suicide. She contacts Jimmy’s war buddies to identify the woman in his photo. Gisela Wolff and her family fled Germany on the St. Louis for Cuba seven years earlier. Gisela and Sam Shapiro fall in love aboard. But it’s shipped back to Europe. Gisela’s journey of exile and survival is made possible by the kindness and courage of strangers, including one man who will change her life.