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Extract from Maid for a Purpose

Maid for a Purpose by Carol Stanley is a beautiful story about a young girl, living in the biblical age of the prophets who is captured by bandits and taken to a strange land.

Here is an extract from the book:

Chapter One – Humble Beginnings

Roza’s mother was an attractive woman in her thirtieth year.  Her former beauty was slightly faded due to her having had five children; hard work had also taken its toll.  Roza’s father was an elder in the village who spent days talking with other men about the business affairs of Thirza.  Her four brothers were aged three, five, seven and nine. Their names were Samuel, Nathan, Matthias and Benjamin.   She was the eldest and the only girl.  Second mother to the boys, she cared for them when her parents were out working; taking them to school, feeding them, trying to keep them well behaved, all a difficult task at times.  It left little time for herself, but she accepted her part in the family, as her father had instructed her to. It was the custom in Israel.      

Roza’s family loved God and tried to obey Him in their way of life. Daily prayers were said at home and the Jewish festivals observed regularly.

 The Passover was one of the main events in the village.  Once a year every home remembered the escape by their forefathers from Egypt where they had been slaves.  They had been promised a land flowing with milk and honey, God’s chosen place for them.  A lamb was cooked and eaten and a special ceremony was acted out.  There were other special times of celebration all to remember God’s goodness to the nation of Israel. 

Roza felt God close to her at all times and talked to Him as she went about her chores. She knew all the stories about her ancestors: Abraham, who was called by God to leave his country and go to the land of Canaan.  He had a son in his old age called Isaac.  God was starting to build a people who would follow Him.  Moses, how he had led the children of Israel across the Red sea to safety; David the shepherd king who had defeated the giant Goliath in his youth, and many other people who followed God and trusted Him to help them through hard times.  It made Roza feel that she too could trust God to keep her safe.  

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