Extract from Stand and Keep Standing

A true story of how God brought the author through rejection, hurt and brokenness. How God taught her to stand and keep standing on His word and promise until there was breakthrough.

“A parent’s affection shapes their children’s lives. Mine lacked affection from my Mum. My dad on the other hand, was more placid, everyone loved my dad. Everywhere we went, someone would call out to him. He was much more easy going. He worked on the railway and was also a chimney sweep. It ran in his family.

His dad was a chimney sweep, and when he went away in the First World War, his wife, my Gran took the role over from him. She did not want to give it back when he returned, so she carried on. She was well known as a female sweep; her name was Rosie ‘Sooty’ Forster. She had eleven children, nine girls and two boys. I have a photo of her going off to clean a chimney and she gave birth to my Auntie the next day. Her picture was displayed in the Imperial War Museum for a while as she was a female chimney sweep during the war.

My dad and his brother took on the same role. Sometimes, when my dad had to go and clean a chimney, I went with him to tell him when the brush had gone out through the chimney. He had a push bike with his homemade wheelbarrow on the back where he carried all the chimney brushes and lots of soot.

I had his attention and love, but I never felt that with my Mum. When I was young, I used to keep coughing to pretend I was ill, but it didn’t make any difference.”

Written by Gail Grimshaw

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Gospel Stories

Michael West has just published his book Gospel Stories. These stories provide an easy and accessible way for folk who don’t know much about Christianity to get a better understanding of who Jesus is, and the love he has for everyone.

The stories try and imagine what was going through the minds of various people who had met Jesus and experienced his ministry, with the hope that it will allow the reader to be ‘in their shoes.’

‘This collection of stories is a fascinating read and an excellent addition to anyone’s family library…’ –Mary Pyches

Michael’s hope and prayer is that the stories encourage faith, both for Christians and for those who have never really thought much about Jesus. Written for personal use but some could also be used as a meditative reflection in a service, or group meeting.

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Grace to My Soul

Linda Plant’s latest book, ‘Grace to My Soul, the Journey to Find God’, is now available! This book is for those who have the courage and tenacity to seek after spiritual truth. For a seeking heart, which being prepared to leave all behind, find God and know for certain a meeting with Jesus Christ, is life changing!

Writing for Linda became a response to those things which she now experienced through the Holy Spirit in her living life. Her book is a must read, where she makes comments on how we ‘do church’ and treat each other as Christians.

This book shares with the reader the journey of a soul, who just wanted something more in God.

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