Best Autobiography and Biography Books

If your looking for an inspirational book, look no further than these 7 autobiography and biography books to read! Check them out, and let us know what you think!

The Spiritual Journey of a Very Imperfect Man: Part 1 – A Rollercoaster Life

the spiritual journey of a very imperfect man - christian books“Part 1 covers the lives of the young Graham and Audrie (Aud) Martin, how we got hitched, the beginnings of our spiritual journeys, and then gradually follows on to how, at 60 years old, I experienced a complete mental breakdown….and how I survived.”

Every tunnel, no matter how dark, has a light at the end when Christ is involved, even if this cannot be perceived at the time. Back in the day, as a young man, I had strong atheistic views and consistently believed the Bible to be a load of rubbish right up until the time I read it. This aggressive and confrontational approach persisted until my mid-twenties when, after a long struggle, God immediately answered my ‘exploratory prayer’ to convert my best friend, Bill Collins, who was living in California at the time.

God Can…

God Can By Tanya Lord - christian booksGod can… inspires and encourages readers to confidently believe in the power of prayer and be expectant than God can and is easily able to do superabundantly more than we dare imagine! God is very much interested in our ‘day to day’ lives and so very much more. This book inspires readers that miracles, signs and wonders can and do happen every day.

She may just be an ordinary housewife, but she loves Jesus and has seen Him do amazing things and has experienced his love and favour, proving He can do what seems impossible making it possible.

Evidence for Conviction

evidence for conviction - christian booksAs a Police Detective I spent much of my time gathering evidence in cases to secure a conviction at court. Evidence For Conviction explores another kind of conviction. That unshakable belief that there is a God and that the bible is his authentic and trustworthy word. This book was inspired by my desire to explain to those closest to me, the grounds for my Christian beliefs. Written with two different groups of people in mind. Firstly, the sceptic, to demonstrate that far from being a blind faith, essentially a leap into the dark, Christianity is actually an evidence based faith. Hence in this sense it is a step out into light.

Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance - christian booksHere is a book which emphasizes, through personal experiences, powerful illustrations and carefully selected verses from Scripture, God’s part in that decision making process in marriage. It tells my story of how God has provided direction by means of the Bible and preaching of the Word, through conversation with others, through the Holy Spirit, through prayer and silence, through coincidences and, finally, through “fleeces.”



The Year God Introduced Himself With A Prayer For Non-Believers

The Year God Introduced Himself With A Prayer For Non-BelieversAs a child growing up in rural Suffolk, I was surrounded by the countryside, in awe of this amazing creation in which I lived. As a child every Sunday I would attend my village Sunday school. There the teachers would give us extracts from the Bible and the Scriptures and explain them to us, so that we would learn how our world was created and the importance of God in our lives.



Light in the Darkness

Light In The Darkness | Christian Autobiographies And Biographies - christian booksA collection of 100 blog entries that  follows the events of the first national Covid enforced lockdown in the Spring of 2020.

Starting as a pastime narrative of weekly musings, the author is called into a deeper reflection on his own faith and considers how the wider Christian community can respond to the growing fear and uncertainty brought about by the Global pandemic. Subsequently, this initial three month lockdown experience is seen through the eyes of a middle aged, middle class suburban family man who offers his own insights into events, sometimes with a touch of creative licence! Over the course of the writing the themes of hope and light emerge culminating in an ending that was as unexpected as it was welcoming to the writer and his family. God does work in very mysterious ways!


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5 Books Great for Gifts

These 5 books are great to give to someone you love this Christmas. Check them out, and let us know what you think!

Sharing the Faith by Ali Ansarifar

sharing the faith - christian books

“It is encouraging to know God has thought of a similar plan for rescuing humanity from hopeless, insecurity, moral decay and ultimately death since the dawn of time. Now let’s consider God’s rescue plan as recorded in the old and new testaments of the Bible….

Like the rescuers of the Chilean miners, God has a plan for human salvation which has been unfolding over centuries of revelation.”

Sharing the Faith covers topics such as the key message of the Gospel of Christ, God’s plan for advancing humanity, the narrow path to salvation.

Jesus – Dead or Alive? The Evidence by Dr John Dyer

“The earliest Christians affirmed that Christ’s saving death and physical resurrection were certainties of ‘first importance’….

For many years I have studied the resurrection stories in the Gospels and have held captive by the extraordinary claim that after being pronounced dead by the Roman authorities and buried in a Jewish grave, Jesus rose again.”

This book investigates the resurrection appearances of Jesus with a view to establishing their authenticity.


ALAN – Autism, Love and Neurosis by Jaqueline Freeston

web_1cover_alan - christian books

“This book is by far the most emotional & moving I have read in a long time, I was hooked from page 1. Jacqueline has such a beautiful way with words & makes you feel like you are part of her wonderful family & know all the visitors that passed through her front door over the years. I laughed & cried many times & will most definitely be reading it again. Thank you!” – Paula

An inspiring book about the lives of twenty-five strangers who occupied a spare room. It also tells of the authors son Alan who had autism.


Encounters with God in Brazil by Dr John Dyer

“Many of the stories that unfold in this book are know only to me and my wife Maria. Of course, the participants involved in each story may well remember these moments with fondness, laughter or anguish, and perhaps a mixture of all three… The story and stories are being told here, with the desire to make known the mystery and wonder of his (God) ways, in his dealings with ordinary human beings….God is here for us when we need him; in situations beyond our control and also those of our own making.”

This book claims that God is directly involved in life’s situations, that in him we live and move and have our being.

Vitamins for the Soul by Alan K Scotland

Vitamins for the Soul - christian books

“There are times when we all lose hope. In recent years, we have had to deal with the financial crash 2008 and a global pandemic, which devastated many lives. Even without such large-scale events, our capacity to hop is constantly being tested…

God’s compassion for us never falters and belief in Him fills our hearts with joy that cannot be taken away.”

About facing challenges that test our resilience and we all need to nurture our vitality. Every one of us has a soul and we have a responsibility to take good care of it by pursuing what God wants for our lives.


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Christian Novel

What Are The Criteria For Picking A Christian Novel?

Christian books are quite helpful for people to get over the tough phase in life. No matter whether you are planning to move ahead on the spiritual path or if you require help with a problem you are facing in life, you can easily find Christian novels and books which will offer you the right support. But when choosing the right books, things can be quite tough given the number of choices. If you are facing difficulty, then the steps here will be helpful for you.

Choosing the right Christian book

When you have decided to read Christian books, it is extremely important that you consider checking out the review of the book on online platforms. This would provide you clear insights if the book is helpful for the readers to understand certain aspects of life. Also, connecting with your Christian friends will be a good way. After all, they will recommend you something worth reading which might help in certain aspects of life.

Reading the bibliography and the footnote gives a clear insight into the book and helps you understand if you will actually be interested in it. Checking out the section before buying Christian books on dreams will be helpful as this will help you make a purchase of a good one.

Once you have identified a good author whose writing you absolutely love, then you can consider purchasing other books from the same writer. This ensures you are able to enjoy different books from the day same writer. You can research online to find the books the writer has published. You can purchase it or read it online. It will fulfill your curiosity and help you get help with the difficult phase you are going through now. There are also Christian books on prophecy. If you are one of those, who believe in this, then making a purchase of it will be absolutely worth it.

You need to understand that Christian books have always been one of the best to get getting live experiences and knowledge about life. When you are facing any difficulty reading the books will be helpful. This will surely be one of the best tips to identify the books which will work well for your liking and help you during tough times. 


Once you start enjoying the Christian books, you will have the convenience of enjoying the reading session while getting some important life lessons. Simply look for Christian novels or books to see what will work well for your specific goals. No doubt, taking help from someone will be a reliable way to avoid purchasing those books that might not be good for you. Also, research is extremely important. It is always advised, especially when looking for Christian books on dreams, as this can have a major impact on your life. If you are ready to make changes and have an easy experience understanding life, then reading the Christian book surely will be worth it.

Christian Books

Christian Books Are Great Tools To Grow Closer To God

People, after being in tough spots or with mental issues, start looking for ways to reach out to this spiritual side. This is nothing new. It is a way for people to remind themselves about the resources and the deeds they can do to have a better life. There are a lot of Christian books which will allow you to stay connected with God and live a spiritual life. Irrespective of the positive or negative aspects of your life, there are Christian God books that will help you get over them.

Choosing the books

Christian books are designed to provide knowledge to the people. No matter whether you are dealing with grief, pain, or anything tough in your life, you can find Christian books on the end times, loss, grief, struggle, etc., which will allow you to get the right insights on how to deal with them and overcome them. But when it comes to choosing Christian books to improve the quality of your mind, it would be helpful if you understand the books that you are interested in reading. A self-help book that will help you build character or work towards yourself will help. Consider reading a book to learn about certain areas of Christianity.

The Bible obviously is a go-to book for many people, but there are other options that will give you knowledge about God. Luckily there are plenty of Christian books writers who aim to share experiences they had. This can be quite helpful, especially when you have got an issue or you know someone who is dealing with a concern. The underline goal of Christian books is to help the reader get close to God and find the answer to the issue that they are facing in life. The books have got insights about life and other aspects which will help you know about things in detail. The thing about spirituality is the more you know about it, the more you will crave to gain more knowledge about it. No doubt, the growing process can only work when you are ready for it, but the goal here must be to get closer to God, and for this reading, the right books are extremely important.

The Internet now has made it absolutely possible to find Christian books on loss and grief or other topics which will allow you to understand life better. Also, spirituality books are available in wide numbers. To enjoy the time reading, you don’t only have to get the self-help ones but also try out the Christian fantasy books. This will give you great information about life.


If you are ready to walk on the path of spirituality or if you wish to get rid of all the difficulties, then it would be helpful if you first look for spiritual books and connect with God to understand things better. You can find a variety of works that will all aim to take you close to God and ensure you enjoy the experience instead of being worried about it. You must be prepared for the growth and the experience you will get on the way. This will guarantee a good experience for you.

ministry resources books

The Best Ministry Resources Books Every Church Leader Should Own

The new church leaders surely have got a lot on their plate. From overseeing the day-to-day activity of the church to mapping the high-level comprehensive spiritual direction, they have to balance out everything. All of this responsibility for sure can be quite tying and overwhelming even for the experienced one. In such situations, one can take comfort in the ministry resources books that can be helpful for building and maintaining a healthy parish. An identification of the books will surely allow you to direct yourself and get some of the best ideas to ensure the leadership goes well.

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership is one of the most popular books that you need to understand things in detail. The book takes an example of a pastor who must engage in consistent faith and, during the process, has to discover himself to maintain the passion. The book depicts the balance of the practical and conceptual approaches for maintaining the drive to spirituality.

Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Excellence for Every Believer. It is one of those religious health Christian books that will help me know about leadership. The book focuses on how leadership comes with the price, the responsibilities, the duty of spiritual leadership, how the leaders can inspire future leaders, and many other things.

Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversations is one of those strong books that will expand and guide the church community. It has got a positive vibe to it, which will grow the reach of the church. It provides church leaders with a framework on how to have necessary or uncomfortable conversations with the church members to ensure that the community is able to manage the expectations well and grow.

The Art of Gathering How We Met and Why it Matters. Although the book is not expressively considered in ministry books, it has received great popularity. The book helps understand the ways for engaging gatherings, which is quite essential for the new pastors as they will have tremendous responsibilities. The book provides strategies to guarantee the members get the most out of the church.

Besides this, you can also find Christian books on prophecy and other details that will help you understand the life lessons and teachings you must convey to the people. When in touch times, Christian poetry books will turn out to be a companion. But it is vital to understand what is the foundation level and the teachings you wish to transfer to the people. No doubt the job and responsibility that comes at the start will be quite broad, resulting in overwhelming situations, but with proper strength and determination, you will be able to face it well.


The Christian ministry resource books have been a trusted option for the new pastors to understand the teachings and other situations that they might face. Besides Christian books on dreams, love, acceptance, etc., some books help spread teachings and make it easier for people to understand the things that might not be available to them.