Extract from the Author John Lloyd’s Book

An Understanding of thou Jesus Christ in the Name of Romans by author John Lloyd.
Jesus Christ had so many stories to tell, and a message which resonates down through the centuries. But there’s always one story which Jesus never told any of His followers… his own.
In A Western Understanding of Jesus Christ, John Lloyd tells this story. From the adventures of young Jesus to the work of His disciples in he last year of His life, John takes us through the places and people that took it upon themselves to carry out the work of Jesus. With an original and creative style, John presents a fresh take on one of the greatest stories ever told.

“Pontius Pilate gets to the property with the Roman guard the Praetorian outside, and sees 500 Italians holding a white lower, and a candle outside. And goes in the property and says to St Peter with his beard shaved off. “I can now see your face, and now the Roman well see you Peter, and hear you!” then St Peter said in Roman Italian Latin. “the time now Pontius has come for Rome to see me, blessed is the Roman Italian, who is with candle in one hand, and a white flower in the other, as God the Almighty Down in the End!” And then St Peter said these words, “that it is said, Pontius that you will make a Roman god, within this month!” and then said “you must keep your distance from me, or you will get into trouble, so I will see you in the senate, and hopefully I am not going to get killed in the next couple of days by a punishment!” and then Pontius Pilate said, “Goodbye Peter, see you there.” and then Pontius Pilate leaves the room, of the Roman property and leaves in an carriage and horses. “

Written by John Lloyd

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‘How to Advance in the Kingdom of Heaven’
by Colin Elliott

Colin Elliott’s book on, ‘How to Advance in the Kingdom of Heaven While Battling the Sin Nature’, will encourage you to enjoy the journey of faith by highlighting common pitfalls that can frustrate your spiritual growth, while encouraging you to run the course set out for you, secure in the knowledge that ‘…there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus…’ (Romans 8:1 NIV) and, in spite of your weaknesses, you are loved with a bond that can never be broken.

Colin enjoys practicing the gift of encouragement, which is well needed in church today but also in the world.

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Extract from Life Happens

Life Happens by the author Lisa Ilunga

Through ups and downs we go through in life, things might get really tough that we find ourselves stuck, confused and lost and choose to stay like that by fear of what might come next. Birthed from a personal life experiences, this book aims to encourage today youth to, no matter what, keep up with the race of life with Jesus being our foundation and God our provider.

“Just days before, I found myself wondering several questions about life and I struggle to face the sunlight with hope that , although it might be hot out there, the freshness of the evening will end up coming by. And yet, out of nowhere, in a most unexpected way, I learned of the death of two people I used to know, to see, to talk to. I remember stopping and asking myself what was happening, what was going to happen next, who was next, when was next and how was next going to be. It is funny to see how we, most of the time, think we still have time, forgetting that , time never has a friend. We reschedule for tomorrow our happiness, our mission, our ministry and even the people we are to reach, thinking we own tomorrow but what if tomorrow never come, what if tomorrow was to show up with half of the people we know, what if tomorrow was to show up with half of the opportunities we have today, what if tomorrow was to come with different circumstances, what if tomorrow was to show us without us..”
Written by Lisa Lunga

She says:

“This book comes as a result of trusting God and believing that His Word is the only comfort zone on which we can rely and this qualifies me to present myself as an author for far from any degree or system qualification that one might want to prove through an achievement, I am just a disciple wanting to spread God’s word and glorify Jesus through it all.”

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Coming soon ‘Grace to My Soul’ by Linda Plant

Linda Plant’s book on, ‘Grace to My Soul, the Journey to Find God’, is for those who have the courage and tenacity to seek after spiritual truth. For a seeking heart, which being prepared to leave all behind, find God and know for certain a meeting with Jesus Christ, is life changing!

This book shares with the reader the journey of a soul, who just wanted something more in God.

Writing for Linda became a response to those things which she now experienced through the Holy Spirit in her living life. Her book is a must read, where she makes comments on how we ‘do church’ and treat each other as Christians.

“A selection of beautiful poems that speak to the hearts of all those that read them!” – Pastor Maria Yiangou Senior Pastor of Victory in Christ Ministries, London, UK.

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Extract from It’s the Lord’s doing!

It’s the Lord’s doing by the author John Mollitt is selling well, especially in his community! Read some of his experiences during his pastoral ministry!

After full-time education, John worked in banking and civil service and then, for thirty years, was the pastor of Ingleton Evangelical Church. He then went onto preach the gospel throughout the north of England. John has now been appointed as an elder at Tinshill Free Church in Leeds.

Indeed, his growth in grace, his understanding of Christian doctrine and his love for people convinced me that the Lord would open up even more fruitful avenues of service to Geoff in the future. I was, therefore, quite unprepared for the shock I was to receive in 2011, just two years after I had retired from the pastorate.

….When Geoff did not appear on the Tuesday morning, his tent was entered and it was discovered that he had died in the night. Medical investigations proved inconclusive but it was assumed some heart defect was the cause of death.

Later that week, I was invited to visit Whinfell School where Geoff had worked and I was met by his colleagues, still stunned by recent events. It was obvious the esteem in which Geoff was held and I was able to share with them the difference that Jesus had made to him….I was able also to tell them of the Christian hope that though ‘absent from the body’, Geoff was now present with the Lord. It was a moving occasion but I trust a useful visit.”

Written by John Mollitt

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Review on Straightforward Christianity

Straightforward Christianity by the author Nigel Scotland.

This second edition of the short book, is written for anyone who wants to know what benefits following Jesus can bring to our lives.

It has gotten great reviews from the British Church Newspaper already, saying,

“…The style is informal… It seeks to introduce Christianity in modern terms to the modern mind…

Dr Scotland starts with Christ’s universal appeal. There follows Christ the teacher emphasising various aspects and culminating in His teaching about Himself and Saviour. We have testimonies to how Christ changed people, the love of Christ the New Birth and the changing qualities that follow…

The books deals at length with Christian qualities. The modern mind is more concerned with morality than theology and the author rightly meets the modern mind at this point, emphasising personal virtues.

‘…we have one who sustains us in our present suffering and destines us for a future without it’.

Death is handled with equal sensitivity and the opportunity taken to show the evidence for Christ’s resurrection and the promise of similar resurrection for the Lord’s people enabling them to come to terms with death…..

The book concludes with the response to faith, the importance of knowing Christ through study of the Scriptures, of prayer, of Christian fellowship and the church….

This is an excellent book which would interest non-Christian, instruct a new Christian or encourage a more experienced one. It would make a useful gift.”

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