Freedom From Fear

New book from Kingdom Publishers just released! ‘Freedom From Fear’ delves into how to break free from the bondage that Fear has over our lives and to live in God’s truth! Book written by Kennedy Tajuldeen.

Let The Healer In

New book from Kingdom Publishers just released! ‘Let The Healer In’ delves into God’s comfort during times of Hardship, depression and despair! Book written by Helen Aigbe-Joseph.

Wisdom Wise

New book from Kingdom Publishers just released! ‘Wisdom Wise’ is book of poems to draw us into a time of reflection! Book written by Marilyn Edwards.

To God Be The Glory

New book from Kingdom Publishers just released! ‘To God Be The Glory’ about what happens when you answer God’s calling. Written by Keith & Pauline Evans.

My Journey to Freedom

New book from Kingdom Publishers just released! ‘Journey to Freedom’ talks about how a woman and her family have escaped a religious sect in the UK! Book written by GR Golding.

Love, God and Relationships

Love, God & Relationships explores the reasons why it is important to put God first in your life and the different ways you are able to honour Him. This book encapsulates how living for God is not always easy but there are reasons why it is worth it.



By Christine Marie Emelone

The Adventures of Humpfrey and the Hug

The stories are adventures Humpfrey and the Hug have in their daily lives but they surround one of the Ten Commandments. For example, ‘Do not worship anything other than God’, Victor learns a lesson about not putting X-Box and computer games above God. In ‘do not steal’, they help a boy who does steal to repent and give back the items he has stolen.





Mrs Daphne Joy Fowler

Straightforward Christianity

This short book, Straight Forward Christianity, is written for anyone who wants to know what benefits following Jesus can bring to our lives. I have tried throughout in the chapters that follow this very brief preface to hold to the maxim of John Wesley, one of England’s greatest Christian leaders, and write ‘plain truth for the plain man’. I hope I have succeeded in this objective but you the reader will be the judge!



By Nigel Scotland

Life happens

through ups and downs we go through in life, things might get really tough that we find ourselves stuck,

confused and lost and choose to stay like that by fear of what might come next. Birthed from a personal

life experiences, this book aims to encourage today youth to, no

matter what, keep up with the race of life with Jesus being our foundation and God our provider.




Lisa Ilunga Nkeka


A testimony of God’s grace in my life.



By Victoria Kulczycki