Prophetic voice ministries

At Kingdom Publishers, our love for the prophetic runs deep. We are always eager to hear new prophetic voice emerging within the Kingdom of God. While we greatly value the insights and teachings of established prophetic voice ministries and influential figures like Sharon Stone, we also believe in the importance of embracing fresh perspectives. These voices carry profound meaning and wisdom that can guide and inspire individuals on their spiritual path. While Prophetic Voice Sharon Stone have made a significant impact, we recognize that there are many other gifted individuals out there who have been anointed with next-level for prophetic people voice. At Kingdom Publishers, we actively seek out these prophetic voice meaning to be blessed by their messages and gain insight into what they are saying.

We believe that by embracing a diverse range of prophetic voice, we can experience a richer understanding of God’s plans and purposes for our lives. It is through this openness that we can truly grow in our faith and be inspired by the depth of revelation found within each unique voice. Understanding the significance of prophetic voices is crucial for those seeking to go to the next level in their prophetic journey

While we hold great respect for established prophetic Voice Ministries and renowned figures like prophetic voice Sharon Stone, we believe in the importance of embracing and being blessed by a diverse range of voices.

We understand that the prophetic realm is constantly evolving, and new voices bring fresh perspectives and insights. These prophetic voice meaning have the potential to take us to the next- level for prophetic people in our understanding and application of prophetic principles.

When we talk about the “prophetic voice,” we refer to individuals who have been uniquely gifted by God with an ability to convey His messages, intentions, and guidance. Prophetic Voice Ministries play a crucial role in nurturing and equipping these individuals, helping them refine their gifts.

While prophetic voice Sharon Stone is widely recognized as a prominent prophetess, it is essential not to limit ourselves solely to her teachings. By exploring other prophetic voice meaning for next level for prophetic people, we open ourselves up to a broader understanding of God’s plans for His people.

At Kingdom Publishers, we encourage you to embrace these new voices with an open heart and mind. Let us come together as a community united in our pursuit of truth and revelation from our Heavenly Father.


Best Autobiography and Biography Books

If your looking for an inspirational book, look no further than these 7 autobiography and biography books to read! Check them out, and let us know what you think!

The Spiritual Journey of a Very Imperfect Man: Part 1 – A Rollercoaster Life

the spiritual journey of a very imperfect man - christian books“Part 1 covers the lives of the young Graham and Audrie (Aud) Martin, how we got hitched, the beginnings of our spiritual journeys, and then gradually follows on to how, at 60 years old, I experienced a complete mental breakdown….and how I survived.”

Every tunnel, no matter how dark, has a light at the end when Christ is involved, even if this cannot be perceived at the time. Back in the day, as a young man, I had strong atheistic views and consistently believed the Bible to be a load of rubbish right up until the time I read it. This aggressive and confrontational approach persisted until my mid-twenties when, after a long struggle, God immediately answered my ‘exploratory prayer’ to convert my best friend, Bill Collins, who was living in California at the time.

God Can…

God Can By Tanya Lord - christian booksGod can… inspires and encourages readers to confidently believe in the power of prayer and be expectant than God can and is easily able to do superabundantly more than we dare imagine! God is very much interested in our ‘day to day’ lives and so very much more. This book inspires readers that miracles, signs and wonders can and do happen every day.

She may just be an ordinary housewife, but she loves Jesus and has seen Him do amazing things and has experienced his love and favour, proving He can do what seems impossible making it possible.

Evidence for Conviction

evidence for conviction - christian booksAs a Police Detective I spent much of my time gathering evidence in cases to secure a conviction at court. Evidence For Conviction explores another kind of conviction. That unshakable belief that there is a God and that the bible is his authentic and trustworthy word. This book was inspired by my desire to explain to those closest to me, the grounds for my Christian beliefs. Written with two different groups of people in mind. Firstly, the sceptic, to demonstrate that far from being a blind faith, essentially a leap into the dark, Christianity is actually an evidence based faith. Hence in this sense it is a step out into light.

Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance - christian booksHere is a book which emphasizes, through personal experiences, powerful illustrations and carefully selected verses from Scripture, God’s part in that decision making process in marriage. It tells my story of how God has provided direction by means of the Bible and preaching of the Word, through conversation with others, through the Holy Spirit, through prayer and silence, through coincidences and, finally, through “fleeces.”



The Year God Introduced Himself With A Prayer For Non-Believers

The Year God Introduced Himself With A Prayer For Non-BelieversAs a child growing up in rural Suffolk, I was surrounded by the countryside, in awe of this amazing creation in which I lived. As a child every Sunday I would attend my village Sunday school. There the teachers would give us extracts from the Bible and the Scriptures and explain them to us, so that we would learn how our world was created and the importance of God in our lives.



Light in the Darkness

Light In The Darkness | Christian Autobiographies And Biographies - christian booksA collection of 100 blog entries that  follows the events of the first national Covid enforced lockdown in the Spring of 2020.

Starting as a pastime narrative of weekly musings, the author is called into a deeper reflection on his own faith and considers how the wider Christian community can respond to the growing fear and uncertainty brought about by the Global pandemic. Subsequently, this initial three month lockdown experience is seen through the eyes of a middle aged, middle class suburban family man who offers his own insights into events, sometimes with a touch of creative licence! Over the course of the writing the themes of hope and light emerge culminating in an ending that was as unexpected as it was welcoming to the writer and his family. God does work in very mysterious ways!


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Christian fiction books

The 5 Best Christian Books You Absolutely Must Read This Year

Books have always been a trusted partner No matter the life situation, your feeling or the discomfort, you can easily find books that will be helpful for you to get the wisdom you need for better recovery. You can look for Christian fiction books, autobiographies, books on loss, love, healing, etc., to learn about things you might have never imagined. The books will provide a whole new perspective that you might have never thought of before. If you are searching for Christian life application books, here are the top five options that you must definitely read this year.

The Best Christian Books

One can easily find Christian books for spiritual welfare, romance, relationship, wisdom, healing, and many other aspects. It will require you to research well to find those books that surely can make a significant difference in your life. There are certain works that you need to read as they have always been there loved and appreciated by the readers. They undoubtedly will change your thinking about the way you take life. The list includes.

1.         Between Two Trees, written by Shane Wood

2.         Skeletons in God’s Closet written by Joshua Ryan Butler

3.         Soul of Shame written by Curt Thompson

4.         What’s So Amazing About Grace written by Philip Yancey

5.         The Cost of Discipleship written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The list includes the best Christian books on the end times. It surely will give you the encouragement to lead a healthy life and understand things that are important. Christian fiction books have always been trusted by people of all age groups. It has been providing them the wisdom they need to recover from the ongoing situation and lead a better life.

There are also Christian autobiographies and biographies that have been a major source for people to understand the essentials they need in their regular life. It helps them get an idea about the well-established and reputed people who had fruitful life. This will provide you with an idea of how to lead life and ensure you are able to enjoy it to the best.

While the Christian books on loss and grief are best suited for the times when you are suffering from a challenging situation and wish to get out of it, the books have always been trusted given the indulgence people have in them and the comfort it provides.

You can understand about the life issues in those books. In fact, there are Christian books on romance and relationship that has been helpful for people to take the relationship to a better level and enjoy the spirit to the best.


Finding the Christian life application books is not difficult. There are a lot of options available which surely will provide you with insights about life. Irrespective of the dilemma or complication you are facing, you can easily find those books that will become your perfect partner and provide clear insights into what you can do in such situations to recover. Understanding the key aspects and making a change in your life on time will help you avoid the hard times later on and lead a healthy and safe life.