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Life happens

through ups and downs we go through in life, things might get really tough that we find ourselves stuck, confused and lost and choose to stay like that by fear of what might come next. Birthed from a personal life experiences, this book aims to encourage today youth to, no matter what, keep up with […]

My Life as a Student

      My Life as a Student is a guide to all classes of people who desire to see true academic success – and hence real fulfillment in other subsets of life. Generally, people attribute failure or delay, at the University and other learning institutions, to stupidity, laziness, or misplacement. But Samuel has a […]

An Understanding of Thou, Jesus Christ, in the Name of Romans

Jesus Christ had so many stories to tell, and a message which resonates down through the centuries. But there’s always one story which Jesus never told any of His followers… his own. In A Western Understanding of Jesus Christ, John Lloyd tells this story. From the adventures of young Jesus to the work of His […]


How God Restored our Marriage – A personal Testimony   A love story with a heartrending thread, Pat’s long marriage has twists and turns, reversals and finally redemption and new beginnings. In sharing what could have been an everyday story of marital betrayals – and taking the reader through the pain and often the joys […]


This book is written to help liberate the children of God from religious and denominational slavery and position them as one family of God’s people here on earth just like the nation of Israel.            A love story with a heartrending thread, Pat’s long marriage has twists and turns, reversals and finally redemption […]


This a story of a young woman and her overcoming through Christ her many travails.   How a decent girl with a good home upbringing and future, got caught up in the web of one of today’s modern churches that thrive on the subjective impulses and private impressions of their founders. They inevitably go down […]

Exploring Sexuality in the Christian Faith

Sarah Sedgwick is the author of Transformed by God’s Love and she talks about her personal testimony and what she has experienced since becoming a Christian in terms of how to support others in their battles with same sex attraction and faith. This is a great book for any Christian who may be finding this […]

New Author – Marilyn Edwards

Kingdom Publishers has been busy and recently published Marilyn Edwards new book ‘Peel off the Layers’ which is all about Christian poetry. Marilyn has also been busy promoting this book to her own church and has been selling! When speaking with Marilyn about this great new book and what readers like about, she mentions many […]

Why Is Poetry Important?

Why Is Poetry Important? … By Leena Patel   One of the critical questions in literature can be the questioning of the importance of poetry. Why do we question it? What can the answer truly reveal, if any? Most of all, how does it enhance humanity? Could it be interpreted that Poetry is a known […]