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Christian Books Are Great Tools To Grow Closer To God

People, after being in tough spots or with mental issues, start looking for ways to reach out to this spiritual side. This is nothing new. It is a way for people to remind themselves about the resources and the deeds they can do to have a better life. There are a lot of Christian books which will allow you to stay connected with God and live a spiritual life. Irrespective of the positive or negative aspects of your life, there are Christian God books that will help you get over them.

Choosing the books

Christian books are designed to provide knowledge to the people. No matter whether you are dealing with grief, pain, or anything tough in your life, you can find Christian books on the end times, loss, grief, struggle, etc., which will allow you to get the right insights on how to deal with them and overcome them. But when it comes to choosing Christian books to improve the quality of your mind, it would be helpful if you understand the books that you are interested in reading. A self-help book that will help you build character or work towards yourself will help. Consider reading a book to learn about certain areas of Christianity.

The Bible obviously is a go-to book for many people, but there are other options that will give you knowledge about God. Luckily there are plenty of Christian books writers who aim to share experiences they had. This can be quite helpful, especially when you have got an issue or you know someone who is dealing with a concern. The underline goal of Christian books is to help the reader get close to God and find the answer to the issue that they are facing in life. The books have got insights about life and other aspects which will help you know about things in detail. The thing about spirituality is the more you know about it, the more you will crave to gain more knowledge about it. No doubt, the growing process can only work when you are ready for it, but the goal here must be to get closer to God, and for this reading, the right books are extremely important.

The Internet now has made it absolutely possible to find Christian books on loss and grief or other topics which will allow you to understand life better. Also, spirituality books are available in wide numbers. To enjoy the time reading, you don’t only have to get the self-help ones but also try out the Christian fantasy books. This will give you great information about life.


If you are ready to walk on the path of spirituality or if you wish to get rid of all the difficulties, then it would be helpful if you first look for spiritual books and connect with God to understand things better. You can find a variety of works that will all aim to take you close to God and ensure you enjoy the experience instead of being worried about it. You must be prepared for the growth and the experience you will get on the way. This will guarantee a good experience for you.

Christian Spiritual Books

Best Christian Spiritual Books You Should Read In 2022

Spirituality can help a person stay connected to God and take the right steps in life. But as the world is changing, people are driving away from it. If you think your loved one requires a step toward spirituality, then it would be helpful if you look for books on healing and deliverance or spirituality to help your loved one understand the responsibilities and behave and think the way God wants them to. You can consider advising your loved one to read. The list will provide you insights into the top options that you can consider your loved one to read.

1.  Practical Christian Doctrine: An Introduction to Thinking and Living Theologically

This will be the move towards the goal. You must figure out what it will look like once you reach the finished line. Practicing the doctrine will lay out a specific way of thinking and living life according to the Christian faith and stay as grounded as Jesus’ life. While it will also help you continue the teachings into modern times. It is among the best Christian fiction books that you can give your loved one.

2.  Celebration of Discipline, Special Anniversary Edition: The Path to Spiritual Growth

The book is like a path with its root forging a secular life that helps the forces connect with God. It is one of these great books that will allow you to take on the part of spirituality and learn a lot from the life of Jesus.

3. The Spirit of the Disciplines: Understanding How God Changes Lives

The book states what goes on to reach spirituality. It is like the food of virtual formation. Discipline is quite important for the Christian faith, but it certainly lacks the sex appeal of things that typically require attention regularly. For instance, in some cases, if you feel like you don’t have it, then the book is perfect for getting help. It comes under the list of books on emotion and physical healing.

4. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

In almost every Christian Church, it is taught what to believe for beginning to live a spiritual life. The process quite is dominated by mental strength rather than simply reaching spirituality. Spirituality is actually about practice. It is the essence of discipleship which is less seen in the western culture. When you apply faith, then the text will give you the power actually to help people transform their habits and life.

5. A Long Obedience in the Same Direction in an Instant Society

The last one will be the path for you. It will provide you beautiful expression of life with God through a focused and deep discipline rather than presenting the microwave fate of Christianity. The writer helps to realize that one has a whole life to grow spirituality. This is the approach that each one needs to have at heart.


When it comes to finding Christian books on emotional and physical healing, Christianity surely has got a lot of options. You can easily spot those top choices which will offer you a great experience connecting back to spirituality and getting close to God. If you are ready for the same, starting with the books mentioned here will be the best.

Christian fiction books

The 5 Best Christian Books You Absolutely Must Read This Year

Books have always been a trusted partner No matter the life situation, your feeling or the discomfort, you can easily find books that will be helpful for you to get the wisdom you need for better recovery. You can look for Christian fiction books, autobiographies, books on loss, love, healing, etc., to learn about things you might have never imagined. The books will provide a whole new perspective that you might have never thought of before. If you are searching for Christian life application books, here are the top five options that you must definitely read this year.

The Best Christian Books

One can easily find Christian books for spiritual welfare, romance, relationship, wisdom, healing, and many other aspects. It will require you to research well to find those books that surely can make a significant difference in your life. There are certain works that you need to read as they have always been there loved and appreciated by the readers. They undoubtedly will change your thinking about the way you take life. The list includes.

1.         Between Two Trees, written by Shane Wood

2.         Skeletons in God’s Closet written by Joshua Ryan Butler

3.         Soul of Shame written by Curt Thompson

4.         What’s So Amazing About Grace written by Philip Yancey

5.         The Cost of Discipleship written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The list includes the best Christian books on the end times. It surely will give you the encouragement to lead a healthy life and understand things that are important. Christian fiction books have always been trusted by people of all age groups. It has been providing them the wisdom they need to recover from the ongoing situation and lead a better life.

There are also Christian autobiographies and biographies that have been a major source for people to understand the essentials they need in their regular life. It helps them get an idea about the well-established and reputed people who had fruitful life. This will provide you with an idea of how to lead life and ensure you are able to enjoy it to the best.

While the Christian books on loss and grief are best suited for the times when you are suffering from a challenging situation and wish to get out of it, the books have always been trusted given the indulgence people have in them and the comfort it provides.

You can understand about the life issues in those books. In fact, there are Christian books on romance and relationship that has been helpful for people to take the relationship to a better level and enjoy the spirit to the best.


Finding the Christian life application books is not difficult. There are a lot of options available which surely will provide you with insights about life. Irrespective of the dilemma or complication you are facing, you can easily find those books that will become your perfect partner and provide clear insights into what you can do in such situations to recover. Understanding the key aspects and making a change in your life on time will help you avoid the hard times later on and lead a healthy and safe life.

ministry resources books

The Best Ministry Resources Books Every Church Leader Should Own

The new church leaders surely have got a lot on their plate. From overseeing the day-to-day activity of the church to mapping the high-level comprehensive spiritual direction, they have to balance out everything. All of this responsibility for sure can be quite tying and overwhelming even for the experienced one. In such situations, one can take comfort in the ministry resources books that can be helpful for building and maintaining a healthy parish. An identification of the books will surely allow you to direct yourself and get some of the best ideas to ensure the leadership goes well.

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership is one of the most popular books that you need to understand things in detail. The book takes an example of a pastor who must engage in consistent faith and, during the process, has to discover himself to maintain the passion. The book depicts the balance of the practical and conceptual approaches for maintaining the drive to spirituality.

Spiritual Leadership: Principles of Excellence for Every Believer. It is one of those religious health Christian books that will help me know about leadership. The book focuses on how leadership comes with the price, the responsibilities, the duty of spiritual leadership, how the leaders can inspire future leaders, and many other things.

Lasting Impact: 7 Powerful Conversations is one of those strong books that will expand and guide the church community. It has got a positive vibe to it, which will grow the reach of the church. It provides church leaders with a framework on how to have necessary or uncomfortable conversations with the church members to ensure that the community is able to manage the expectations well and grow.

The Art of Gathering How We Met and Why it Matters. Although the book is not expressively considered in ministry books, it has received great popularity. The book helps understand the ways for engaging gatherings, which is quite essential for the new pastors as they will have tremendous responsibilities. The book provides strategies to guarantee the members get the most out of the church.

Besides this, you can also find Christian books on prophecy and other details that will help you understand the life lessons and teachings you must convey to the people. When in touch times, Christian poetry books will turn out to be a companion. But it is vital to understand what is the foundation level and the teachings you wish to transfer to the people. No doubt the job and responsibility that comes at the start will be quite broad, resulting in overwhelming situations, but with proper strength and determination, you will be able to face it well.


The Christian ministry resource books have been a trusted option for the new pastors to understand the teachings and other situations that they might face. Besides Christian books on dreams, love, acceptance, etc., some books help spread teachings and make it easier for people to understand the things that might not be available to them.